3GN 26 Shotgun Classifier 02-13 "Times 12"

3GN 26 Shotgun Classifier 02-13 "Times 12"

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Start Position

Standing inside the box of your choice. Shotgun held at low ready and is loaded to division capacity, safety engaged.

Stage Procedure

Upon Start Signal, engage targets from within the shooting boxes only. Target arrays may be engaged in any order.

Target Arrays:
Clays must be engaged from Box-A only.
Poppers must be engaged from Box-B only.


SCORING: Time plus penalties
SCORED HITS: Steel Down, Clay Broken
PENALTIES per 3GN Club Series Rules Failure to engage -5 sec, Miss -5 sec Procedural -10 sec. Procedurals Include but are not limited to:
Engaging targets from wrong box, 1 procedural per shot fired at wrong array.
Foot Faulting while engaging targets.

Setup Notes

All Measurements in feet - inches.
Minimum Bay size: 40ft Deep x 52ft Wide
All target placement measurements to center of targets.
Clay Height: Tall 24 Inches, Short 12 Inches. Clay array: 4 Tall-2 Short.
Set pepper popper faces on the 32 ft. line. Shooting boxes are 3'x3'.

Start / Stop

START - Audible STOP - Last shot

Leader Board



Stage Info

Name: 3GN 26 Shotgun Classifier 02-13 "Times 12"

Shooting Disciplines



Stage Size: 40 feet D
# Strings: 1
# Rounds: 12

Start / Stop

START - Audible STOP - Last shot


6 Pepper Poppers, 6 Clays


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