3GN 46 Multi-Gun Classifier 46-17 "Flying By-1" UPDATED

3GN 46 Multi-Gun Classifier 46-17 "Flying By-1" UPDATED

Instructional Video

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Start Position

Standing inside Box-A, Shotgun loaded to division capacity and held at port-arms, safety engaged. Pistol loaded and holstered, safety engaged.

Stage Procedure

From Box-A only Shotgun: Upon Start Signal, engage clay targets Shotgun must be placed in dump barrel, safety engaged or empty before engaging pistol targets. Pistol: engage Pepper Poppers. Pistol must engage steel, Shotgun can engage steel and clays.

Shotgun Targets: Clays and Pepper Poppers
Pistol Targets: Pepper Poppers


SCORING: Time plus penalties
SCORED HITS Clays Broken, Steel Down
PENALTIES per 3GN Club Series Rules Failure to engage -5 sec, Miss -5 sec Procedural -10 sec. Procedurals include but are not limited to: Failure to engage at least one popper with pistol.

Setup Notes

All Measurements in feet - inches.
Minimum Bay size: 45ft Deep x 45ft Wide
All target placement measurements to center of targets.
Popper measurements to bottom of steel face.
Clay height 2ft. Face clays toward shooting box.
Shooting Box 3'x3'

Start / Stop

START - Audible STOP - Last shot

Leader Board



Stage Info

Name: 3GN 46 Multi-Gun Classifier 46-17 "Flying By-1" UPDATED

Shooting Disciplines



Stage Size: 45 feet D
# Strings: 1
# Rounds: 13

Start / Stop

START - Audible STOP - Last shot


7 Clayss, 6 Pepper Poppers


  • 01 Multi-Gun Classifier
  • 04 Pistol/Shotgun Classifier
  • 15 Same Layout Design
  • 2 Gun Classifier
  • Multi-gun classifier


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Instructional Video

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