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The 3-Gun Nation Semi-Pro Series is the primary avenue for competitors to qualify for the elite 3GN Pro Series. The Semi-Pro Series, sponsored by NRA Sports, is comprised of top-level 3-Gun shooters competing for the first place prize (TBD). In addition, the top 25 shooters from the Semi-Pro Series will be invited to compete in the 2014 Pro Series qualifier match. The top 16 shooters from this match will advance into the 2014-2015 Pro Series field of competitors.

3GN Semi-Pro Series points will be awarded for participating in the following 3GN-Affiliated matches: 1.) Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun, 2.) SureFire Texas Multigun Championship, 3.) USPSA Multigun Nationals, 4.) Bushmaster Tarheel 3-Gun Challenge, 5.) Midwest 3-Gun Championship, 6.) MGM Ironman, 7.) Task Force Dagger/AIM 3-Gun Championship, 8.) Northwest Multigun Challenge, 9.) JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun, 10.) Pro Am 3-Gun Championship, 11.) Ozark 3-Gun Championship, 12.) FNH USA 3-Gun Championship, 13.) Fallen Brethren 3-Gun Challenge, 14.) Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun, 15.) 3GN International Multigun, Presented by Rockcastle Shooting Center.

The top four (4) 3GN Semi-Pro competitors, based on series score, will be invited to SHOT Show 2014 to compete in the 3GN Semi-Pro Shoot-Off. The winner will be crowned the 2013-2014 3GN Semi-Pro Champion. The overall points winner from the series will receive a Stag Arms 3G Rifle.

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